Ownboard Electric Longboard

R10 999.00

Ownboard Electric Longboards, have 5 plus years of experience in the e-skateboards industry, with thousands of riders around the globe their continued drive is to provide great quality boards and parts at great prices.

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Electric Skateboard (Longboard 38”)

  • Deck: 2-Layers bamboo with 6 layers maple, flex designed
  • 3 speed modes with top speed reaching up to 35Km/h, rider dependent
  • Motor: 250W Dual hub motor
  • Battery: Samsung 6.0Ah
  • Max Load: 110Kg’s
  • Board Weight: 8kg’s

Replacement parts only available on an order basis from the supplier, therefore please kindly understand delays may occur and can take up to 8 weeks to arrive. Use entirely at your OWN RISK!


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